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You’re smart, you’re strong, and you love your kids, but you didn’t expect divorce to suck so much.

Sweat pants. Netflix. Tinder. Throw in a goblet of wine. And a Celine Dion CD. Oh, and maybe a giant tub of salted caramel Haagen Dazs.

Does this sound like a standard Saturday night to you? (No judgment here.) Granted, it sounds better than sweaty nightclubs with sticky floors or snooty dinners with couples who look like the epitome of wedded bliss, but it’s not the only way to deal with divorce.

In other words, put the Haagen Dazs back in the freezer, shut Celine up, and quit swiping right for a minute. (Unless your name is Bridget Jones, in which case, carry on.)

Divorce is the end of a chapter, not the end of the world.

When the only warm hug you’re getting every morning is from your coffee, you could be forgiven for feeling like life has it in for you. But even if you’re convinced you’ve lost a grip on all the best parts of yourself – your sparkle, your sass, your sex appeal, your MOJO – it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be lame and say ‘life begins at divorce!’ because that’s BS, but I am going to say it definitely doesn’t end there. How do I know? Because I’ve gone from victim to victorious myself. Yep, I’m Jodi, and I’ve been in your shoes (or is it slippers now?). I’ve had the dark evenings curled up on the couch with a bottle of cold, crisp Chardonnay and a box of tissues with my son asking, “therapy tonight, Mom?”

I remember all the worries nibbling away at my brain. You know the ones.


  • I’m soooo overwhelmed by everything I need to sort out. Pass me more wine.
  • Oh shit, how am I going to handle my finances now? I am NOT prepared for financial independence.
  • How the heck do I co-parent with my ex without my kids being affected?
  • I wish someone could walk me through this process and tell me what to expect on the other side. Because I haven’t got a flaming clue.
  • Trying to understand this legalese is like trying to understand rocket science.
  • Don’t even think about dating. Wait, do people still do that?
  • I don’t even know what my identity is now. It’s always been tied into my husband and my kids.
  • I think my life is over. I’m going to die alone and be eaten by cats.


(Just so you know, these thoughts are totally normal. And you’re not going to die alone and be eaten by cats.)

Guess what? I got through it. With grit, grace, and my dignity well and truly intact.


I changed my mindset about how my life was going to look after the divorce. (Better, not worse.)


I figured out how to make money for myself and not rely on someone else. Holla, independent woman over here.


I developed a persona for going out with my girlfriends that was less ‘I’m a mom’ and more ‘I’m a sexy, charismatic woman and I own this dancefloor’. (If an alter-ego’s good enough for Beyonce…)


And most importantly, my ex and I figured out how to co-parent amicably so that our kids stayed bright-eyed and giggly. They know mom and dad aren’t together any more, but they see that as a positive thing, not a negative one.

I got my mojo back. And now I want to help you do the same.


Which is exactly why I created my whip-smart business, Mojo Madam*.


Mojo (noun) – a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.


After a candid chat one evening with two of my girlfriends (also divorced, but stronger than ever) I decided to become a certified Transition and Relationship Coach to help other strong women who love to laugh get through the shitstorm that is divorce. With my help as Mojo Madam, you’ll be guided through the emotional epiphanies, the financial freak-outs, the losing-it-over-legal issues, the co-parenting crack-ups, and the ‘did someone say sex?’ situations that all come with divorce, but in a way that’s FUN, not confusing or depressing.


I’ll hold your hand, but I’ll kick your ass, too. (So if you’re looking for a 24/7 pity party, I’m not your girl.)


The best part? You get to do it with a bunch of other ladies dealing with divorce in the best way they know how. Share the tears. Share the laughs (I promise there will be plenty of those). Share it all.


Move over Justin Timberlake. The girls are bringing sassy back.


Find your mojo

*Disclaimer: Woah, I’m not THAT kind of madam.