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Mojo Money

Don’t live in fear of your finances, grab them by the balls and squeeze.

You can’t be a Trina Turk on a TJ Maxx budget. Get your money managed or the Amazon boxes on your doorstep will be the ones you’re living in.

Divorce drastically changes the financial landscape for all parties involved. Typically, there is just less money to go around. Adjusting to this new lifestyle can be a challenge, particularly if you were not the one responsible for the family finances. The Mojo Money package will help you get a handle on your new financial situation, how to make it work for you and budget like a boss.

What's the Price

$299.00 /3 sessions/30 minutes each
Sessions are conducted via conference call or Skype

What's Included
  • Explore your relationship with money
  • Strategies and tools to manage your money
  • Mojo Madam Journal
  • Email access to me directly for support between sessions.
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can connect with and find support from other women walking your same path.
  • Referrals to financial professionals that can help you with more complicated financial matters.
  • Mojo Concierge

    Finding the right professionals can be a daunting, time-consuming task adding stress to an already difficult time.

  • Mojo Mover

    Dust off your boots and strap them on.
    Begin walking the path of your new life with grace, grit and a little bit of sass.

  • Miss Moving On

    Dating again? Sex again? A new relationship?
    YIKES! Moving on after your divorce can freak a girl out!

  • Mojo Groups

    If you play well with others, this is the perfect option for you. Together as a group; you get the same support, coaching...