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Mojo Madam: The Podcast

Mojo Madam is an engaging podcast where we get down to the nitty-gritty stuff that comes with divorce. Real talk, real stories, real women, real advice on what really happens when we go through a divorce. Tune in and become part of the Mojo Movement to get your mojo flowing, some comic relief, a little nudge (or ass kicking), expert advice and connection.

This podcast covers all topics we experience as divorced women face, feel and think about.


*Explicit language and topics may be heard on this podcast.

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Mojo Madam Episodes


We all experience times when we need some inspiration, motivation or a swift kick in the ass to get us off the couch and turn off Netflix to get our lives moving in the direction we want them to go. Being stuck in guilt, fear, sadness, anger whatever your poison, drains you of what your life is asking you for: MOJO! These episodes focus on getting us to the “Holy Shit!” (“Aha” is you’re one of those Oprah followers) moments that spark your inner fire, get you to put away the ice cream, turn off Netflix (no matter how good Orange is the New Black Season 3 is) and join the land of the living! “All people die, but not all people live”. Join the living…. The Walking Dead is a TV show, not your life.


Being a Mama is tough! And every now and then we need to just laugh at all the shit we deal with when it comes to parenting. Sometimes, we need to know we’re not alone. And other times, we need some advice because parenting didn’t come with a handbook (seriously, when is this handbook coming out?). These episodes deal with all things parenting; the good, the bad, the ugly and the truth. Sorry, these shows will NOT solve the mystery of where your child’s shin guards are or why your teen still can’t seem to flush the toilet, but we can all relate to those daily battles here.


There are two sides to every coin. Money is that necessary evil that brings us joy and pain, whether you have it or not. So, if you’re rollin’ in the dough or checking for coins in the cushions, there’s valuable information worth your weight in gold in these episodes. Make it rain.


Calling all Goddesses! Every woman desires sex whether you want to admit it or not (but you do and you know you do). Even when you’ve lost your sexual mojo a bit, maybe it’s been a little too long (that’s NOT what she said!) This is where we get raw and talk about the naked truth about sex. DISCLAIMER: Do NOT listen to these episodes with your kiddos in earshot! (Unless you want them to learn at a young age why 69 is the dumbest position ever created.)

Mojo Madam Listeners

Mojo Madam listeners are women who are going through some seriously heavy stuff who spend most of their time taking care of others, running households, working, volunteering… all the things they have done for years, only now… divorce is on that list too. Feeling overwhelmed, confused, scared, sad, angry… you name it, looking for connection, direction and affection, they are part of the Mojo Movement being created on Mojo Madam

Mojo Madam Guests

If you’ve got Mojo, we’d love to hear your story, how you got it, how you keep it, tips and expertise you feel would be of value to our listeners, we’d love to hear from you!

Send podcast guest requests to connect[at]mojomadam.com

Or, if you’d like to be a contributor on the Mojo Madam blog, let us know what you’re writing about that could help or inspire our Mojo Movement.