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Mojo Madam Services

I LOVE OPTIONS! Not too many, because then my brain goes on option-overload (like at coffee bars that aren’t Starbucks) and I cannot make a decision.


Here’s the deal, not every divorce is the same. Not every person is the same. Not all needs are the same. SO… not all packages are the same. I’m offering you a few options to choose from, saving you from option-overload, but not forcing you into services you don’t need. I’ve created these based on the needs people have voiced to me. The people have spoken! And I have listened.

  • Mojo Concierge

    Finding the right professionals can be a daunting, time-consuming task adding stress to an already difficult time.

  • Mojo Mover

    Dust off your boots and strap them on. Begin walking the path of your new life with grace, grit and a little bit of sass.

  • Mojo Money

    Divorce drastically changes the financial landscape for all parties involved. Typically, there is just less money to go around.

  • Miss Moving On

    Dating again? Sex again? A new relationship?
    YIKES! Moving on after your divorce can freak a girl out!

  • Mojo Groups

    If you play well with others, this is the perfect option for you. Together as a group; you get the same support, coaching...

The options range from the very basic “here’s what you need and what it is” to prevent the overwhelm and stress from sending you to the ER or AA, help getting that cash in control, to an in-depth overhaul helping you be the architect of your life and your divorce and getting you back into the dating game with some sweet plays to be a real contender.


In addition to the coaching packages, you will become a member of a private Facebook group where you can find support and connect with others who get what you’re going through. (Some people just don’t get it…and that’s not their fault.) Think of it like a good bra… lifts you up, supports you and provides comfort. Who doesn’t want that?


There are a few A La Carte items too…no menu is complete with them.


So there you have it… several good options for you to choose from. If you are not seeing what you need here, contact me and we’ll create what you need together. This is about making you the BEST you and navigating your new life like a boss!

Mojo Madam Blog

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